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Environmental product policy:

At Nature Planet, we care about making a difference for the environment. This means that we deliberately choose the sustainable alternative when introducing new products wherever this is feasible.

In effect, we do this by:

  • Printing our hang-tags in recycled paper.
  • Writing the text on our hang-tags with soy ink.
  • Attaching our hang-tags with biodegradable organic cotton strings.
  • Using recycled plastic bottles in the production of our lanyards and shopping bags.
  • Marketing a complete kitchenware line made from 70% Starch and 30% Melamine.
  • Producing OEKO TEX 100 certified plush toys and wear.
  • Making our catalogues from Rainforest Alliance certified paper.
  • Applying sustainable business processes in our headquarters and warehouse.

Click here if you wish to read more about our many initiatives the make a difference for the environment and societies in the 3rd world.

Soft toys

Oeko tex



Fair Trade




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Our production is highest standard

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It all begins with a great idea and a sketch.

Once an idea is presented – our inhouse design team works closely with our customers and sales team to make ideas become reality. As soon as the specifics are in place, the team begins the process of stating the product requirements and collecting all necessary information. When all the data and requirements are finalized – drawings, notes and materials are sent to our manufacturing partner to create a sample.  Once the sample is developed it is then photographed and an image sent to the client for approval.


It is very important to us that all products supplied to our customers meet all legal requirements and are of good quality. We put a great effort into ensuring that the total production of products shipped from our partners correspond with pre-approved samples. This is achieved by inspecting the batch before shipping using an international inspection bureau.

Once the shipments arrive at the warehouse, the master sample is collected from our showroom to check the overall quality and to compare against the batch received. Once approved, the batch is processed and stored in our warehouse ready for shipping.

Quality control ensure that all products comply with  relevant specifications and law requirements, i.e. sampling for tests on a regular basis – EN71

Finally using the latest technology, all orders are picked, packed & shipped efficiently, ensuring fast and accurate deliveries for our customers.


All our products are produced by carefully selected partners who have signed up to our Code of Conduct and believe in our values and understand our requirements.  We are proud to say that the majority of our carefully selected partners have been with us from the very beginning. We focus on long term cooperation with our business partners and believe it helps in maintaining the quality of the products

We take social auditing very seriously and our number of audited partners increase year on year through mutual collaboration

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Our Partners

We work with more than 800 great attractions across Europe. Some are big, some are small, but all of them are important partners to Nature Planet.